Dr Joshua Haimovici

Évaluation: Passable

Évaluation: Passable

Place Vertu
3131 Boulevard de la Côte-Vertu
Saint Laurent, Quebec, H4R 1Y8

(514) 332-5012

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I Will Never Go Back To Dr. Haimovici by Anonymous
22 juin 2017

I decided to try this dental office out of convenience (I go to this mall often). According to the dentist, I needed thousands of dollars of dental work. This was all of the sudden. I did not have any pain or issues prior to that day. Then I figured out the game. He has some expensive dental camera equipment that gives you a close-up view of your teeth which you watch on the screen. He uses the camera to show you apparent cracks, bacteria, and other undesirables in your teeth. He uses that as evidence to help him make the case that you need tons of dental work. It was all just a show for me (and probably for others). He tries to "wow" you with his impressive technology so you buy expensive procedures that you don't need.

When I hesitated at paying around $3,000 for dental services that I didn't think I needed, he went for the fear factor sale. He kept insisting that I should be feeling tons of pain but when I said I didn't feel any pain at all, he said I was lucky and that I'd start to feel pain soon. He then said that if I went on vacation and something happened to my teeth such as after biting on a nut, then my teeth would have major problems and I'd regret not having done the dental work with him right away.

The office manager is extremely pushy and a slick salesperson. When I was done with the dentist, she started pushing me to book an appointment. I said I wasn't sure about making an appointment and she looked at me like I was crazy. This was all to make me feel bad and book the appointment. I felt a lot of pressure to book an appointment. This was very uncomfortable.

I decided to book the appointment before leaving the office that day (pressure sale...) but shortly after, I changed my mind so I emailed them to cancel. I would have called but did not want to speak to the office manager and deal with her attitude. (Don't you think it's bad enough that I don't want to call just to avoid the stress of dealing with the person answering the phone?!) I sent the email to the email address that is written in their email newsletter. They claimed they never got it (yeah, right). So a few weeks later the pushy office manager called to confirm my appointment and I said I wanted to cancel it even though they claimed to have not received my email. She got even more pushy! She started asking me why I would jeopardize the health of my teeth and possibly feel pain, blah blah blah. Ridiculous. All pressure, fear sale. No genuine concern for my health was apparent.

In my case, this dental office bordered on being a scam. They tried to impress me with close-up photos of my teeth and apparently true stories about what was about to happen to my teeth without further attention in the very near future. It's all just an upsell for expensive procedures that you might not need. I'd guess that they've convinced many unsuspecting patients to do expensive procedures they didn't really need at the time.

Just to be sure, I went to another dentist after this one and he disagreed with this assessment. He said my teeth were fine and did not find cracks, bacteria, or anything else wrong with them. Also, the dentist I had prior to this one agreed that my teeth weren't so bad as to need these expensive procedures. To this day, my teeth feel perfectly fine.

To be sure, the dental hygienist was friendly and did a good job. The office is clean and generally professional. The dentist himself was nice enough. It's just the scam-type of behaviour in this office that I do not approve of. If I only went to this dental office, I could never trust the dentist to tell me what was wrong, if anything, with my teeth.

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