Best Gynecomastia Surgeon by Anonymous
October 2, 2014

Here's the long and short of it. I went for a consultation with a plastic surgeon that "does it all" meaning they do plastic surgery on your body and your face. I wasn't impressed. I did some research and discovered that it's better to go to a specialist than a general cosmetic surgeon. So, I found Dr. Zelt's gynecomastia website. It was exactly what I needed. I booked a consultation and was convinced within 10 minutes of being in his office. He wasn't pushy, just very confident that he could help me. He spent about 15 years helping women with breast cancer and that says a lot about him. The day of surgery came and I put my trust in him. His team at RocklandMD is amazing. It's not like when you go to a hospital and the nurses and everyone act like they are doing you a favour. Dr. Zelt's team really wants to make you feel comfortable and pain-free. Yes, I paid thousands but it was really worth it. It is now a few after surgery and my "man boobs" have never looked this good. They were big and droopy and gross before. Now they look like a normal man. No one would even notice the tiny scars when I went to the beach the other day. I'm more than satisfied with the outcome.

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Quelle experience! by heavenlypretty
September 26, 2014

Je suis très contente du boulot qu’a fait le Dr Zelt sur ma poitrine. Le résultat est tout a fait splendide (Naturel et proportionnel a la fois). Sa franchise a été très appréciée. Je pense qu’il ma donner LA poitrine que je désirais. Investir dans une chirurgie est un une chose très difficile et stressante qu’on ne prend pas a la legere mais n’ayez crainte car le Dr explique clairement la procedure et les complications qui peuvent arrivées sans oublier le résultat espère. Il est professionnel et sympathique. Aller le voir et attendez vous a des résultat réalistes.

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Really satisfied with the experience by mcleonaliii
August 26, 2014

On July 15th, I had a full tummy tuck and some lipo. Dr Zelt was great! He never pressured me into making a decision. I wanted to fix every area of my body but the doctor told me that not everything had to be fixed with surgeries. He could have easily taken my money but he didn’t. His secretary is just the best. She was always available and responsive. The rest of the staff made me feel comfortable as well. Go see him without hesitation.

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each client is important to him by Celine234
July 7, 2014

I had a lot of questions about the risks and he had time to explain it to me. The procedure was a success. No complications whatsoever. The pain level was lower than I expected for a breast enlargement. The scars are minimal and so far the looks of my breasts are very natural. My husband who was even more nervous than me about the procedure is impressed with the results. Dr. Zelt said that it would take a couple of years for the breasts to settle in but after about 7 months, they are still looking great. I have purchased a lot of new tops and finally feel good enough to wear a bikini. Given that's it's been so hot this summer, I'm glad I went through with it.

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Happy customer by Immamom
March 28, 2014

I had a great experience with Katherine who does the Botox work at Dr. Zelt's office. Right away I felt comfortable with the whole thing. Katherine is very chatty but she really knows what she's doing. When you go in, it's in Rockland MD so it's a bit of a maze. But walking into the actual clinic, you can tell the place looks great, really first class. Everyone was welcoming and friendly. Make sure Katherine explains the details of what you need for different parts of your face. I initially thought you get Botox for everything and then found out that there were other options (I can't remember the exact names but she'll tell you about them). I opted for not much, just a few injections. After 6 weeks, I’m still very happy with the results. I will go back when I am ready but this is expected to last for months.

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Genial, je recommande by Emilie Jo
February 13, 2014

Le Dr.Zelt est le chirurgien que je rêvais de rencontrer ! Il a été, avec son équipe, à l’écoute, rassurant, et m’a beaucoup aidé. La réduction mammaire a été vraiment réussie, et suis jheureuse aujourd’hui et c’est grâce à lui. La cliniaue est en plus très propre, et le suivi post op excellent. Vous pouvez y aller, je vous le recommande vivemment !!!

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Prete a recommencer by Ergo47
January 17, 2014

J’ai fait un remodelage des cuisses et des fesses par le dr Zelt il y a 5 ans, et le résultat est toujours aussi étonnant. Je ne me suis pas reconnue en me voyant dans la glace quelques heures seuement après l’opération. Les bleus et les cicatrices sont partis en quelques semaines. Si j’avais une autre opération à faire je la ferais avec lui sans hesiter !

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Très heureux! by Antony
January 11, 2014

Je suis un homme de 40 ans, je n'osais plus me montrer torse nu à la plage depuis de nombreuses années à cause d'une gynécomastie. je n'osais pas non plus me présenter dans un cabinet pour en parler. Après une grande hésitation et les conseils d'un ami qui avait eu le même problème que moi, j’ai pris rdv avec le dr Zelt qui a su écouter mes demandes et mes craintes face à l'opération de la réduction mammaire pour un homme. Je suis très content de son travaiil et vous le conseille !

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