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Amazing Doctor! by Midori L
September 21, 2017

Dr Dionisopoulos knows what he's doing, he makes you at ease right away, he is very kind, takes time to listen / understand your needs and wants you to be happy with the results above all. I am very pleased to be one of his patient, I have been well taken care of every time I saw him and happy with the results.
(Cosmetic injections)
You can tell he loves people and his job and it makes a big difference. He is definitely the best I've sen

J'ai eu la chance de faire la connaissance du Dr Dionisopoulos grâce à une amie voilà déja plus d'un an et je suis plus que ravie!
Avec le Dr Dionisopoulos, Je me sens toujours en confiance. C'est quelqu'un de très gentil, à l'écoute et souriant qui sait vous mettre à l'aise dès votre première rencontre. Il sait de quoi il parle et ce que j'aime particulièrement c'est qu'il vous donne son opinion sincère : si vous n'en avez pas besoin, il vous le dira.
Dr Dionisopoulos est non seulement le Dr le plus qualifié que je connaisse mais aussi le plus humble et respectueux. Je suis toujours satisfaite des résultats et son but est que vous le soyez aussi. Je suis allée dans plusieurs cliniques depuis quelques années et j'avais vraiment l'impression de "gaspiller" mon argent.
Avec le Dr Dionisopoulos c'est tout le contraire. Mes injections sont réussies, les résultats sont naturels (injections esthétiques) et je sais que je suis entre de bonnes mains.

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Best Experience by Anonymous
February 19, 2017

Tummy tuck, breast aug & liposuction, very professional, caring staff both pre & post surgery highly recommend Dr.D your safe in his hands

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Worst plastic surgeon eveeeeer!!! by Anonymous
February 19, 2016

I must have been the unluckiest person in the world. This doctor is the worst!!!!! I had a consultation for breast reduction with him and he also recommended a liposuction of the flanks. It costed me $5600 and the breast reduction was supposed to be covered but he did no liposuction. He cut my breast all the way under my armpits. My nipples are misplaced. I have to redo it again to get all his mess fixed . Sooooo these previous reviews I am 100% positive that he wrote them himself. There's absolutely noooooooooooo way these people are talking about the same Doctor.

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Very skilled ans experienced surgeon by Anonymous
April 28, 2015

Dr. Dionisopoulos is highly skilled, experienced and full of knowledge. He performed a breast reduction on me and the results so far are very good. The incisions are very suttle and are healing good. He is a very calm surgeon, is always in a good mood and is alert. His schedule at the hospital is very hectic, there are way too many patients and very few surgeons, lack of time is the problem with public services. If you have the money or if you feel you need extra time, caring and psychological support, I highly recommend you go to his private office. The service at the hospital is minimal, the place is chaotic, the wait is long, the doctors schedule don't allow them to a lot of time with you as a patient and person. However, the job gets done and it is very beautifully done. And also, Dr dionisopoulos is so skilled and experienced that not only both of my nipples are alive but I have not lost feeling of them. Loosing feeling of nipples are very common and it is sometimes permanent. Dr dionisopoulos is a great surgeon and I'm sorry he has hectic working conditions at the hospital. He is also very understanding of neck and back pain due to disproportionate large breast. He wants to help but will give you realistic expections. Keloid scars are possible. Complications too. But with him as a surgeon, everything should go well. I would recommend anyone to see him for breats reduction purpose.

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Great doctor by Sara
March 13, 2014

Dr. Dionisopoulos is the best doctor anyone could ask for. Very friendly and kind. He was very comforting and exhaustively answered all my questions. He agrees only with performing surgery that will give you results you are looking for. He also makes you feel good about yourself and that’s always a plus. Dr. Dionisopoulos and his crew treat you as a patient but also as a friend.

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Very good doctor by Kate
March 11, 2014

Dr. Dionisopoulos is an excellent, competent and very professional surgeon. He has helped me immensely and I’ve never had any complications post-surgery. His sense of humour really helped and made me feel at ease at all times. He took all the time in the world to explain the procedure in detail. We need more outstanding surgeons like Dr. Dionisopoulos.

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tres bon medecin by Clara
February 12, 2014

Je ne pourrais jamais asses recommander le Dr. Dionisopoulos. Son opération sur ma poitrine fut un succès. Il a diminué et lifte ma poitrine. Je me suis sentie non seulement très bien entoure par lui mais également par son équipe dévouée. Dr. Dionisopoulos a insisté à ce que je sois à l’aise mentalement avec la chirurgie que j’allais entreprendre. J’ai réussi à prendre un rendez-vous sans aucun soucis.

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Pas de cicatrice by Amandine
January 22, 2014

Je fus référé au Dr. Tassos Dionisopoulos après qu’une clinique privée ait bousillé ma blessure. Le docteur a absolument tout réglé. Il était formidable ! Un chirurgien compétant qui sait mettre son patient a l’aise. D’ailleurs il est toujours de bonne humeur. Si j’étudiais médecine, ça m’aurait plu de travailler pour lui. Je le recommande a tout le monde.

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